Public Works

City Commissions for City of Loveland, CO — Painting Transformers

Three Trees By a River

This transformer box painting celebrates the importance of the river that runs through historic Loveland Colorado. This box is on 2nd and Cleveland in downtown Loveland

Trains at Monroe Street

Oil painting sketch and West wall of painted transformer box on 1st and Boise Street. It celebrates the importance of the great western railway and the promise of growth in a tiny town called Loveland, established in 1877.

The King of the Hares Addressing His Subjects

This gate was painted as a fundraiser for the Loveland Youth Gardeners and is inspired by early Persian art. I added the anthropomorphism.

Birds Unchained

“Birds Unchained” is a painted transformer box near Nee condos, next to a heron marsh. Some are giant hummingbirds equal to the size of herons. These shimmering birds are in various stages of flight, some learning to fly…

Conference of the Birds

Conference of the Birds is a celebration of everyday life. The painted transformer box is at North Park, near Lake Loveland.

Kalimantan and Dimna

Kalimantan and Dimna is inspired by a 2nd century group of fables depicting the heroes, adventures, and lessons learned throughout the kingdom. This painted transformer is outside Depot Eatery & Pub in downtown Loveland.